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Laval Underground Camera

Uses and Applications:

  • Void Management: Cavity and void investigate, assessment and management for mines
  • New Construction Inspection: display the quality of work and offer customer
  • Period Inspection: Determine existing well conditions and perform preventative maintenance
  • After Service Inspection: verify cleaning, repairs, rack well conditions, and compliance
  • Ground Water Monitoring: Determine quality, mineral conditions, geological strata, etc.
  • Recover Lost Tools: Locate and retrieve lost tools.

The R-Cam XS is a portable dual-view, borehole camera system with automated control for either downhole or side-view video profile. Side-view lens includes 360 degree rotation to the right and left with no external moving parts.

This camera has effective survey capabilities for 7.62-cm to 30.5-cm well diameters. The R-Cam well camera system comes equipped with a protective case provided for storage, lighting system, camera, control unit, cable, video monitor, centering bands, DVR recorder, power supply and transport cart for easy maneuvering.