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C-ALS® borehole deployable laser scanner for concealed cavity and void scanning

The C-ALS can be used in a huge range of applications, wherever an inaccessible void exists and accurate data is required to monitor excavations, assess risk or design solutions. Once deployed, the C-ALS gives more detailed, accurate data than alternative technologies, such as ground penetrating-radar, and is the only borehole-deployable laser solution on the market.

  • Plan new projects: assess risk, design solutions based on accurate underground data, add C-ALS data to your existing maps and devise new programmes of work.
  • Improve productivity: with accurate maps of voids, you can design plans, which  allow for efficient mining or construction projects.
  • Improve safety: map inaccessible underground areas to ensure operations keep  employees safe.

Advantages of laser scanning with C-ALS:

The C-ALS system's unique 50 mm diameter allows deployment into cost-narrow boreholes, and the 360° spherical coverage gives you a full view from a single scan, without blind spots.

In addition, C-ALS offers the following benefits:

  • Survey potentially dangerous underground voids in complete safety
  • View results in minutes, not days
  • Remotely controlled operation
  • Flexible deployment methods
  • Easily transported
  • The IP67 rating gives you the confidence that the system will operate in wet, humid and dusty conditions. It can also withstand submersion to a depth of 1m, reducing the risk of damage if C-ALS is accidentally deployed into flooded cavities

How it works:

With a diameter of just 50 mm, C-ALS is easily deployed through boreholes, downhole or uphole to survey inaccessible spaces.

A system of hinged, lightweight one-metre rods provide a fixed azimuth capability, as well as giving you the ability to deploy the C-ALS down boreholes as long as 200m. The C-ALS can also be deployed by boom or by remote-controlled vehicle.

A nosecone camera gives you full visibility of the borehole during deployment, so operators can see any obstructions, as well as judge the point when the C-ALS enters the void.

The C-ALS® probe incorporates pitch and roll sensors and has the option of an internal compass. The sensors ensure the C-ALS can be tracked down the borehole and that the scan is automatically geo-referenced to fit into existing 3D mine data.

Once in the void, a simple click from the operator tells the laser-scanning head to rotate on two axes, measuring the three dimensional shape of the void, with full 360° coverage and no blind spots, and with a range up to 150m.

A load-bearing cable attached to the probe transmits all the measured data back to the surface unit and a ruggedised computer loaded with our Cavity Profiler software is used to control the C-ALS® from a safe location and to view the data in real-time.

The new user-friendly operating software makes it easier and quicker for operators to use the system, by guiding them through the process of deploying and scanning.

Applications where C-ALS provides data when personnel cannot enter:

  • Sub surface voids and cavities
  • Undercrofts
  • Underground chambers and tanks
  • Duct surveys
  • Inaccessible roof spaces
  • Subsidence investigations
  • Collapsed mine workings
  • Culverts
  • Shafts and bunkers
  • Underground caverns
  • Industrial production facilities where access is limited or unsafe