Void and Cavity Monitoring Surveys


Voids and cavities in mines can pose a serious potential threat to worker and public safety due to the possibility of failure and collapse.

Proactive solutions need to be developed in order to minimise subsidence risk where mine workings are present. The structural integrity, the geometry of the voids, their depth and condition, and the nature of the overlying strata must be determined.

Our unique investigations services can help Mine managers assess the stability of mine works and judge whether or not a cavity needs to be filled, whether work can proceed, and what operational plans should be put in place to maximise productivity and safety.

We have the unique robotic borehole deployable cavity scanner (C-ALS) for a 360° view of underground voids. An underground camera and borehole geophysical logging can also be used to complement the information. This enables laser scanning of voids in order to create full geo-referenced 3D models of subsurface conditions.

The surveys include:

  • Cavity and void assessment and management
  • Stability monitoring
  • Ore pass monitoring
  • Stope Surveys
  • Limited & hazardous access surveys
  • Subsidence investigations
  • Collapsed mine workings
  • Volumes of voids

We are able to deliver the raw data or edited in closed 3D model and within minutes of finishing the survey. Point could data can be delivered and exported to clients’ modelling software on site.