Stockpile Volume Surveys


stockpile-800x400Stockpile measurement of material inventories is a crucial task for aggregate companies as it is to be done periodically for accounting purposes. But this measurement process can slow down the production. At the same time the accuracy of the methods are important and need to be consistent from inventory to inventory so that the results can be relied upon.

We use mobile laser scanning system to perform the stockpile survey. The scanning system is mounted on the back of a standard vehicle. This scanner can be mobilised in under an hour and can carry out surveys in a fraction of the time of conventional survey techniques.

The 3D point data is collected by driving around the stockpile, typically at a speed of 5 to 10 kilometre per hour, with the scanner collecting 35,000 data points per second. The mobile laser scanning system includes a global positioning system (GPS) receiver and inertial measurement unit (IMU) that allow the data to be geo-referenced to the exact location on the ground. This ensures that each inventory operation will be referenced to the same coordinate system and pile limits each time the inventory is performed.We can directly compare the volumes of a stockpile this month with the same stockpile last month. By laying the two computer images over each other, we can examine where material has been added to or taken out of a pile, providing an accurate check on our clients sales and production figures.

These "point clouds" allow for highly accurate models to allow managers and engineers greater confidence in their results and help them efficiently track production and inventories.