Coastal and Shorelines Surveys


coastal-and-shoreline-surveys-1000x500Austech Surveys offer inland waterways and coastline surveys by efficiently collecting point cloud data sets of the topography and vegetation.This is critical in updating risk management, monitoring coastal erosion maintenance contracts and flood models.

Austech has vast experience surveying in rivers, lakes, ports harbour and their approaches. The surveys are carried out using the most time & cost effective method of positioning to give the desired coverage and accuracy. Austech Surveys utilises up to date portable 3D mobile mapping scanners and Real-Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning Systems (RTK-DGPS) can be used to provide centimetre-accurate vertical and horizontal control.

The data can be combined with other geo-referenced data including underwater/bathymetric scans. Reports can be produced as 3D digital terrain modelling with the bathymetry plots.

Combined with above water surveys, Austech undertake Hydrographic data collection within bodies of water including shallow and narrow areas.

For Hydrographic surveys, Austech utilises CEESCOPE system with inbuilt RTK GNSS positioning, a dual channel echo sounder with water column recording and internal logging.

For accurate post processing analysis of the acoustic data, Austech uses the Hypack survey package and delivered according to the clients requirements.

Austech’s services cover a broad range of disciplines, with expertise available in the following areas:

  • Dams and Rivers Surveillance and Mapping
  • Ports and Harbours Surveys
  • Dredging Control
  • Land Reclamation and ‘infill’ area surveys
  • Inland waterway surveys
  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Clearance surveys
  • Bathymetric Surveys