Void Scanner laser surveying system for vs3void mapping and stope mapping:


Void Scanner is a specialist, boom-deployable underground laser scanner, specifically designed to work in unsafe or difficult to access areas, whilst giving you all the data you need to feed into your existing mine maps, so that complete, up-to-date mapping is possible.

Improve safety:

  • Flexible deployment methods let you quickly scan inaccessible voids, from a place of safety.
  • Ensure future operations are safe, by using detailed models of underground voids when planning projects.
  • Assess the efficiency of ventilation networks by running Void Scanner as-built models through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages.


Improve efficiency:

  • Large areas can be surveyed quickly by one or two operators, who need only minimal training to start using the system.
  • 3D data can be used to improve installation times on costly projects and verify the accuracy of an installation against design.
  • End-of-shift scans give a quick, easy and accurate record of productivity.
  • Comparison of extracted volume calculations with waste and ore stockpile volume helps evaluate operational efficiency.
  • Scan drives, tunnels, stopes, stockpiles and silos with just one systemurvey potentially dangerous underground voids in complete safety


How it works:

Void Scanner is designed to give accurate data, using the latest 3D mapping technology, in the unique conditions found in underground mines.

Laser scanning is a quick, modern, and highly accurate surveying method, which requires little operator training.

3D laser scanning captures spatial data by the use of laser light. The laser in the Void Scanner probe sends out pulses of infrared light, which bounce off solid surfaces and are then received back into the Void Scanner and recorded as a point in space.

The shape, position, and spatial locations of objects are recorded by millions of points, each with XYZ co-ordinates. The full set of points, or point cloud, represents the space or object scanned.