Rodded Boretrak

Boretrak® borehole deviation measurement system


Borehole deviation happens. But without a way of mRBT 3easuring it, and taking the actual results of drilling activity into account, mine and quarry owners can spend more than they need to on breakage, transport, fuel and explosives, and they can risk worker safety and the safety of others working or living near blast sites. Those responsible for engineering or geotechnical projects can encounter costly delays if holes are not drilled to plan, and if action is not taken quickly.

Rodded Boretrak gives unique capabilities to measure borehole deviation in situations where other systems won't work: in underground mines, areas of ferrous materials and uphole as well as downhole. It's unique method of deployment ensures for accuracy where other systems let you down.

Rodded Boretrak measures borehole deviation in situations where other systems won't work. It's a unique, accurate, reliable, versatile probe system that offers significant advantages over cabled systems for many applications.

Using Rodded Boretrak to increase safety and efficiencies in underground mining:

Underground mining techniques will often require holes to be drilled in planned patterns and loaded with explosives. Having accurate data on the depth and angle of drilled holes, using Rodded Boretrak, delivers a range of benefits.
Our customers can:

  • Plan blasting using live, accurate data: Boreholes drilled don't always match the drilling plan, due to a range of factors. With Boretrak, the blast can be designed taking into account the true deviation of the holes rather than the intended, theoretical hole design.
  • Reduce the risk of unsafe or inefficient blasts: with Boretrak, any problems in the drilling can be speedily flagged up.
  • Use one system for a wide range of projects: the Rodded Boretrak allows uphole and downhole borehole measurement with a single tool.
  • Work accurately, without the interference associated with compass-based systems: Rodded Boretrak does not use a magnetic compass so will not be affected by the heavy machinery; generators; ferrous metals in the rock; steel reinforcements and cabling found in an underground environment.
  • Get a complete picture of underground structures: Boretrak data can be geo-referenced and fitted in to the mine's local co-ordinate system. This allows the data to be viewed in mine planning packages alongside other surveyed data.
  • Deploy personnel more effectively: A 20m hole can be surveyed in a couple of minutes. The speed of the survey frees up underground personnel for other work.