3D Mobile Mapping – LiDAR Surveys



austech-truckIn evaluating the topography Austech utilises highly portable land based mobile LiDAR which has distinct advantages over traditional survey methods especially in improving safety, cost savings and faster coordinate acquisitions. The highly portable system enables mobile scanning to be carried out from a variety of platforms including boats, road vehicles, SUV, All Terrain Vehicles. The data can be combined with other geo referenced data.

Our Typical Services include:

Land surveys:

  • Flood Plain Mapping
  • Real Estate Development area surveys
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Above ground utility surveys e.g. pipe and powerlines
  • Bridge & roadside clearances
  • Earthwork profile for route planning and feasibility studies of new roadways
  • As built surveys of new construction sites
  • Urban Surveys
  • Tunnel Surveys
  • Rail line surveys


Open Pit Mine and Quarry Surveys:

  • Pit survey for determination of Ore body and Mine Planning
  • Mine Expansion Planning
  • Periodic Determination of Stockpile Volumes
  • Spoil Dump Design
  • Tailings Dam Monitoring
  • Asset Management &Inventory Management
  • Excavation Measurement of Over Burden
  • Monitoring Slope Stability and Subsidence
  • Measurement of Dump Slopes
  • Pre and post blast analysis